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AASG document management

The AASG website is supported by a comprehensive database of membership, meeting, and document records. The document collection is intended to be a comprehensive repository of AASG meeting documents, reports, planning documents, MOUs and contracts, and other significant works. Documents are uploaded to the website by members of the executive committee or volunteers working on specific projects and can be accessed from the menu to the left.

Throughout our organization's history, many dedicated individuals have worked to manage and preserve AASG records. Between 2001-2004, Kentucky Geological Survey staff compiled and scanned the entire archive of paper files. The files were converted to DjVu format, which at the time, was the only available lossless document compression software. Unfortunately, the DjVu format is not widely supported by scanning and viewing software. Many of the DjVu format files have been converted to .PDF format and uploaded to the applicable categories in the website database. This effort is ongoing and will require significant additional work. To facilitate access to these historic files while this project is underway, we have retained the originating DjVu archive.